Virtual reality in C-mine expediition

Hatice Deveci

VR zwart witte gangVirtual reality in C-mine expedition

Do you want to take in the atmosphere of underground mining work? Experience a colliery from the 1950s by means of virtual reality.

Want to take in the atmosphere of underground mining work? Want to experience how dark it really was in the swelteringly hot and scarcely lit galleries? The dust tickling your nose. The noise of jackhammers. The sooty sweat in your eyes. Your voice drowned by the deafening noise. The ground shaking from countless explosions. The sound of metal hitting rock to extract the jet-black coal …

Life in the mines appeals to one's imagination. Now you can experience it in virtual reality. Get into an actual time capsule, put on a helmet … and get ready to be flashed back to the colliery’s heydays in the 1950s, where you will discover the most exciting stories from the miners’ lives. After your virtual experience, the time capsule will safely return you to the present day. Unforgettable!

The virtual reality experience is included in your entrance ticket to the C-mine expedition.

Watch the trailer here and/or in virtual reality on your smartphone with a cardboard viewer.

Also watch the movie.

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