Information on C-mine expedition

Hanna Simons

C-mine expedition provides a unique variety of experiences that will stimulate all your senses.

This adventurous trip immerses you in fascinating stories about the mine in all its aspects.


C-mine expedition starts in the C-mine site’s Energy Building. First you descend to 6 metres where you discover several surprising installations. Famous Belgian artists such as Stijn Meuris and Pascale Platel have created unique stories about the mine in combination with creative image projections.

You can get to work yourself in the interactive sound booth. Produce your own mine sound by operating levers, buttons and wheels. Or take in the atmosphere while wandering through the maze on your way to the surface.

You can also pay a virtual visit to the mine. Put on a safety helmet and ... get ready to be flashed back to the colliery’s heydays in the 1950s.

The highlight of the expedition is climbing the huge authentic headframe on the square. It is over 60 metres high! You will probably need to take a breather when you arrive at the top, but it's worth the effort: you will have a wonderful view of the green Limburg environment. If you're less of a ‘daredevil’, there is a stop at a height of 15 metres. And if you're not keen on heights, you can keep both feet on the ground. Just enjoy the wide space of the wonderfully renovated square.


At you own pace, 1 to 1.5 hours on average.



Opening hours

 In case of rain, we advise you to wear appropriate clothes and shoes because the mine galleries can get damp!